Evaluation of Lewisham Safe and Independent Living (SAIL) Connections

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'S.A.I.L. Connections: Pilot Evaluation using an adapted Social Return on Investment Methodology' (Feb 2018)


The pilot phase of SAIL Connections has proven to be a success. SROI analysis shows that the original investment of £72,534 from the Better Care Fund has produced an estimated saving of £356,154.41. For every £1 invested, the return is £4.91.

Success can be measured through SAIL Connections’ other achievements too. It has grown at a level passing expectations. Though it has been an 18-month pilot, the project was not accepting referrals until its ‘public’ launch in February 2017. This means SAIL Connections has received 1063 checklists in a year. These checklists have come from a growing number of unique sources as well as many that continue their repeated use of the tool; evidence of its utility. And perhaps the most candid and overt evidence of SAIL’s positive reception is the number of referrals received; a number which has grown every quarter since launch.




Social Return on Investment analysis, over 60s