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Source Title Date Category
AGE UK Lewisham and Southwark Evaluation of Lewisham Safe and Independent Living (SAIL) Connections 2018-02 SROI
Wessex Academic Health Science Network How we are evaluating the impact of new care models on how people feel in Wessex 2017-11 Mixed Methods
Wessex Academic Health Science Network Social Prescribing in Wessex: Understanding its impact and supporting spread 2017-05 R Outcomes
KSCS & NHS West London CCG Kensington and Chelsea Self Care and Social Prescribing Social Return on Investment report 2018-01 SROI
Healthy Dialogues Ltd East Merton Social Prescribing Pilot Evaluation Report 2018-07 Mixed Methods
Tower Hamlets Together Social Prescribing in Tower Hamlets Evaluation of Borough-wide Roll Out 2018-03 Mixed Methods
University of East London Evaluation of social prescribing in Waltham forest 2017-06 Mixed Methods
University of East London City and Hackney Social Prescribing Service: Evaluation report 2015-12 Mixed Methods
Mind in Bexley and Canterbury Christ Church University Social Prescribing in Bexley Pilot Evaluation Report 2017-01 Mixed Methods
Sheffield Hallam University Evaluation of the Rotherham Social Prescribing Service 2016-11 Mixed Methods
Sheffield Hallam University Evaluation of the Rotherham Social Prescribing pilot 2016-12 Mixed Methods
Sheffield Hallam University Evaluation of Doncaster Social Prescribing Service: understanding outcomes and impact 2016-12 Qualitative
University of West England Gloucestershire clinical commissioning groups social prescribing service: Evaluation report 2016-11 Mixed Methods
University of West England Measuring the economic impact of Wellspring Healthy Living Centre's Social Prescribing Wellbeing Programme for low level mental health issues encountered by GP services 2014-03 SROI

Academic Reviews

Social Prescribing Evaluations
Source Title Date Category
University of Manchester Social prescribing: less rhetoric and more reality. A systematic review of the evidence 2016-12 Review
University of Westminster A review of the evidence assessing impact of social prescribing to healthcare demand and cost implications 2017-06 Review
Leeds Beckett University Understanding the effectiveness and mechanisms of a social prescribing service: a mixed method analysis 2018 Review
University of Westminster Searching for Real-World Effectiveness of Health Care Innovations: Scoping Study of Social Prescribing for Diabetes 2017-02 Diabetes
Public Health Wales Social Prescribing in Wales 2018-05 Overview
University of Westminster Making sense of Social Prescribing 2017 Guidelines
Sheffield Hallam University Social prescribing 'plus': a model of asset-based collaborative innovation? 2017-10 Review
Sheffield Hallam University Evaluating social innovations and their contribution to social value: the benefits of a 'blended value' approach 2017 Case Study
NHS Health Scotland Social prescribing for mental health: background paper 2015-12 Review
University of York Evidence to inform the commissioning of social prescribing 2015-02 Review
University of Bath Preparing the prescription: a review of the aim and measurement of social referral programmes 2017-08 Review