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Social Prescribing in Gloucestershire has been described in the Gloucestershire CCG Social Prescribing Service: Evaluation Report and feedback was extremely positive:

Having ******* here….it has been brilliant as our Social Prescriber in helping our patients and reducing GP involvement for several. Things like contact numbers and paperwork and then following up with patients. Helping organise needs in their own homes. She has helped to reduce need to go to hospital sometimes because patients know where to turn to instead of GP or A&E when it wasn’t a medical concern. (Practice Manager)

Social Prescribing is provided by the Community Wellbeing Service and is accessible throughout Gloucestershire. It is delivered by five providers, tailored to the needs of a local area and based on extensive local knowledge.

Anyone over the age of 16 living in Gloucestershire, or registered with a Gloucestershire GP, can access the service. Referrals can be made by a health or social care professional, a Voluntary and Community Group, members of the community as well as self-referral.

The service offers one to one support for individuals and signposts or refers people to activities and groups available in their area.

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