London Borough of Barnet

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The London Borough of Barnet is a suburban London borough in North London, England.

It forms part of Outer London and is the largest London borough by population with 384,774 inhabitants and covers an area of 86.74 square kilometres (33 sq mi), the fourth highest.

The borough was formed in 1965 from parts of the counties of Middlesex and Hertfordshire.

Social Prescribing

Barnet is home to The Barnet Wellbeing Hub provided by Community Barnet. The hub is a

... service providing a flexible, holistic, person-centred approach focusing on your individual needs and wellbeing. The Hub is the single referral pathway for you to access services and activities in the community to improve your wellbeing. -- The Barnet Wellbeing Hub

Barnet has care navigators who do something similar to SP Link Workers.


According to the 2001 census the borough then had a population of 314,564 though the most recent ONS projection for 2008 is 331,500. 67% of householders are owner-occupiers. 47.3% of people described themselves as Christian, with the second largest group being Jewish at 14.8%, the highest percentage in any local government area in the United Kingdom. The third largest was people who said they had no religion at 12.8%. Just over a quarter of people belonged to non-white ethnic groups, up from 18% in the 1991 census. 12.3% were Asian and 6.0% black. Barnet has the largest Chinese population of any London borough at 6,379.

As of 2011, 13.3% of the borough's population is over 65 - the sixth-highest of London's boroughs. The 65+ population is 47,400, the second-highest after Bromley. The Jewish population is 54,084 and represents 15.5% of the population - the highest in England. 41.2% identify themselves as Christians, and 16.1% with no religion.


Map of all the London Boroughs