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The London Borough of Ealing is a London Borough in West London, England, and forms part of Outer London. It is the 3rd largest London Borough in population, and 11th largest in area, covering part of west London and a small part of north west London. Its administrative centre is Ealing Broadway. Other major centres include Acton, Greenford and Southall. The local authority is Ealing London Borough Council. Ealing is the only London Borough to have adopted a flag.

Social Prescribing

In Ealing there are many voluntary sector organisations that offer a large array of classes, groups, seminars, workshops and activities that support socialisation; management of long term conditions; self-care including mental health, exercise, wellbeing and loneliness. These organisations may do introductory sessions for newcomers to individual groups, but there does not currently seem to be a ‘link worker’ role that signposts people into a variety of different services and supports them in goal setting. Some of these voluntary sector organisations have reached out to their medical practice within their area to promote their services either directly to patients or to post advertising material in the waiting rooms. There used to be a ‘self-care directory’ that lists all of the charitable and voluntary sector organisations in the Borough on the CCG’s website. All Practices in Ealing have the same standardised website. One of the functions of website is a search for support agencies in the community, so patients could seek help with their condition themselves, through community groups.

There's also been a Social Prescribing pilot.


The borough of Ealing is ethnically diverse. In 2011, 49% gave their ethnicity as white, 30% as Asian, 15% as Black and 4.5% as of mixed or multiple ethnicity, the remaining identifying as Arab or other ethnicity. The main religions of the borough's population in 2011 were Christianity (44%), Islam (16%) and Sikhism (8%); 15% stated they had no religion and a further 7% did not state any religion.

Ethnicity-based communities

The borough has a long-standing Irish community which is particularly visible through the number of established Irish pubs in the borough and the popularity of Gaelic games in the community. Country flags for example can be seen flown on the outside or hung inside of various pubs in the area, especially on St Patrick's Day. St Benedict's School has also had a long term affiliation with the Irish community in Ealing, as it is a Catholic school. Many Irish members of the Ealing borough attend Ealing Abbey which is linked to St Benedict's School. The Irish population is mostly concentrated within Hanwell.

Ealing has a large British-Polish community that owes its origins to the World War II refugees and Polish armed forces finding both cheap accommodation and work in the Acton area, which then had a high proportion of London's light engineering companies involved with government war contracts. This community has grown considerably including more shops with authentic Polish food since Poland joined the EU and its migrant workers have been able to come to the UK freely; in 2011 the borough had the UK's highest proportion of Polish speakers at 6% of the population. This has also led to an increase in Polish social centres in the borough. The population is highly concentrated in Acton, Greenford and Perivale.

Southall in the west of the borough is home to one of the largest South Asian communities in the UK, the majority of whom are Sikhs. The community first developed in the 1950s. The Asian population makes up 80% of Southall Broadway ward as of 2011, a contrast compared to the 8% of Southfield ward in the borough's east.

In a speech to mark the 70th anniversary of the Indian Journalists' Association and of Indian independence on 15 August 1947 North Ealing MP Stephen Pound said: "There is North Ealing, South Ealing and Darjeeling" referring to the relatively large Asian population.

There are also churches and centres for London's Hungarian and Assyrian communities in South Ealing. Other demographics

As of the 2011 census, Hanger Hill had, at 13%, the largest proportion of people aged 65 and over. The lowest were East Acton and Southall Green, at 8% each.


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