Social Prescribing in Tower Hamlets Evaluation of Borough-wide Roll Out

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'Social Prescribing in Tower Hamlets Evaluation of Borough-wide Roll Out' (Mar 2018)


Social prescribing is valued by professionals and patients across Tower Hamlets and has been shown to fill an important gap in the local health system, in terms of addressing patients’ social determinants of health and increasing the awareness of patients of the VCS services available in the borough, supporting them to manage their own health through better use of wider community assets.

The evaluation has indicated that as well as the many positive aspects of the current programme, there are areas for improvement in service structure and delivery and that at current levels of funding, the service is at capacity, despite the service being still in its infancy at a borough-wide level. These findings have informed a series of recommendations for service development in the short term and also proposals for an ideal future model for the service to work towards.




Mixed Methods,