Social Prescribing in Wessex: Understanding its impact and supporting spread

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'Social Prescribing in Wessex Understanding its impact and supporting spread' (Feb 2018)


Our work with these eight social prescribing services in Wessex has convinced us of their importance and their potential to positively impact on the lives and health of individuals, and to shift the pattern of care away from emergency hospital activity.

• Strong evidence of improvement in how people feel about their health, their confidence to manage it, their wellbeing and their experience of receiving care.

• Further evidence of these improvements from case studies and qualitative interviews.

• Feedback from staff that they are very motivated and committed to the social prescribing role.

• 20-50% reductions in A&E attendances and 32-35% reductions in emergency admissions.

• The potential to deliver economic benefits that are double the investment.


File:Wessex Social Prescribing-1529938576.pdf


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