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United Welsh is a registered social landlord operating under charitable rules. They focus on building homes, creating communities and transforming lives.

Wellbeing 4U is a service that United Welsh launched on behalf of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board in May 2016. Delivered by Thrive, the team that manage specialist accommodation and support services for United Welsh, Wellbeing 4U uses a Social Prescribing model to deliver public health priorities through social intervention.

Wellbeing4u is based in GP surgeries taking referrals from surgery staff.

Staff realised early on in the project that there were some gaps in services and barriers to some of their patients accessing community services straightaway.

The staff have been trained by the dietetics team to run their weight management programme and health walks in GP surgeries. They have also been trained by the primary mental health team to run confidence building courses and stress control in surgeries. This is with the view that they are breaking down barriers and eventually moving them away from surgeries into the community.

This is an add on service to their original social Prescribing project which works very well. It has helped them build partnerships with the health board and help them to reach patients who otherwise would not engage.