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Date Event Details
5th June 2019 Workshop with GPs and link workers on social prescribing and the role of technology https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/rcgp-social-prescribing-workshop-tickets-61987101088
10 - 16th June 2019 Creativity & Wellbeing week London Arts in Health Forum and the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance are working together to expand Creativity and Wellbeing Week into a national event, building on its enormous success across London. Please visit http://www.creativityandwellbeing.org.uk/
12th June 2019 Royal College of Psychiatrists conference RCPsych and NHS England are delighted to host a national conference on social prescribing.  We aim to bring together healthcare professionals across the UK who want to support the development of social prescribing within the locality. More details
8th July 2019 Link Worker Day Save the date: 8th July 2019 is link worker day, a day to celebrate link workers. Social prescribing link worker organisations/funders/supporters/enthusiasts etc. can choose how they wish to celebrate. However, we would provide some ideas on how to celebrate by March 2019
8th July 2019 Inaugural annual link worker success conference City Hall, London. SE1 2AA. 9am - 6pm. Registration of interest for link workers and their managers


For sponsorship opportunities or enquiries: michelle@connectlink.org


11th July and 12th July 2019 National Social Prescribing Conference Two-day collaborative conference including the latest research and thinking on the implementation and practice of social prescribing around the world. Find out how social prescribing is being implemented in Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Finland as well as understanding progress in the home countries of the UK. Book at https://www.socialprescribingnetwork.com/conference )

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