Uploading PDFs

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1. Click the "Upload file" link on the left hand navigation under "Tools"

You should see a series of links under the "Tools" section that includes an "Upload file" link
You should see links like the above on the extreme left of the page

2. This will take you to the "Upload file" page, where you can select the "Choose file" button to select a PDF from your local computer of size up to 40MB.

the file upload page allows you to select a file from your local computer
The file upload page

3. Click the "Choose file" button, which will pop up a file selection dialog specific to your computer. The dialog looks different on Mac, Windows and other systems. The following example is from a Mac:

A file dialog allows you to navigate to the file that you want to upload
Screenshot of Mac File Selection Dialog

4. Select the file that you want to upload using the file dialog

5. The "Upload file" page should now update to include the filename like so:

File Upload page updated with filename
File Upload page updated with filename

6. Add a summary as appropriate and then click the Upload file button at the very bottom of the page:

"Upload file" button
"Upload file" button

7. The file will now be uploaded onto the system. In order to link the file into an existing wiki page you will need to select "Edit Source" and use the following wiki syntax to insert the file:

  • [[Media:FileName.pdf]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file