Wandsworth Self Management Service

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The Wandsworth Self Management Service (WSMS), is based in SW London, and run by Wandsworth CCG. It delivers a vibrant, multifaceted and inclusive suite of services supporting Self Management, Self Care and Social Prescribing. WSMS creates connection and access to a myriad of community, cultural, religious, charity and voluntary agencies across the borough and beyond. To further support the richness of Wandsworth decelopment of and skills expertise for Self Help groups has been placed within the borough. There is also an active small grant scheme and a shift in commissioning principles around the Charity and Voluntary sector to grow the community of services across Wandsworth. WSMS delivers a very active set of Expert Patient Programmes and a locally developed short course for members of the public and professionals. This is hosted through the Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub which is fully accessible online but is also manned by Hub and Community Navigators on the phone.