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  • Steps towards implementing self-care(June 2017, Healthy London Partnership) is a resource for local commissioners . It is a practical and easily accessible guide to implementing self-care that aims to support clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to work closely with appropriate local partners to increase the number of people who care for themselves effectively.
  • A focus on Social Prescribing(January 2017, Healthy London Partnership) aims to help local leaders to take the first steps towards implementing social prescribing for their populations. It is not a definitive guide but offers practical assistance on what we have learned so far from the best available evidence and includes case studies to support local implementation
  • Making Sense of Social Prescribing(Aug 2017, Social Prescribing Network) - this extensive document will act as a guide to new commissioners and existing professionals who are active in the social prescribing field.  It has been thoroughly co-produced by a group of practitioners who have all been delivering social prescribing.
  • More than Medicine(Aug 2013, Nesta) - this report is one in a series of learning products which explain why People Powered Health works, what it looks like and the key features needed to replicate success elsewhere. It outlines the different ways to integrate and promote community-based services into health and social care, including social prescribing, signposting and community-based services. People Powered Health was led by Nestaand Innovation Unitfrom summer 2011 to winter 2012.
  • Just what the doctor ordered(May 2016) a social prescribing guide for local authorities, published by the Local Government Association, includes case studies of good practice.
  • A guide to community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing(February 2015), published by Public Health England and NHS England ,sets out how communities are the building blocks for health.
  • Volunteering in General Practice(The Kings Fund).  Four approaches to supporting volunteering in general practice were identified: use of volunteers to enable general practice to carry out its activities; organisations using volunteer support that were located within general practice premises; social prescribing; and community-centred general practices.

NEW! Social Prescribing in Secondary Care

Family Action piloted a Social Prescribing in Secondary Care Service, commissioned by Healthy London Partnership, from December 2017 until the end of June 2018 at the Homerton University Hospital in Hackney. The service received referrals from secondary care staff, primary care staff, self-referrals, and other voluntary sector organisations.

  • Social Prescribing in Secondary Care How To Guide - aims to support commissioners and managers who are considering developing Social Prescribing service in Secondary Care, what to be aware of in the initial planning stages and how to implement a service once it has been commissioned. Based on the experience of the pilot, tools and resources have been developed to support delivery of other similar services in hospitals.