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The London Borough of Islington is a London borough in Inner London, England. The borough includes a significant area to the south which forms part of central London. Islington has an estimated population of 215,667. It was formed in 1965 by merging the former metropolitan boroughs of Islington and Finsbury.

Social Prescribing

Claremont, a local registered charity, offers a Social Prescription programme, in partnership with Islington Giving and local GP practices. This programme aims to improve the health and psychological well-being of older people in Islington, especially those not already engaged in community-related activities. Participating GP’s can refer patients to Claremont for consultation on a range of potentially appropriate activities which take place at Claremont or with other partners in the programme. It is a free service available for people aged 55 or over and who are living or working in Islington.

The British Red Cross has a small Community Connector team in Islington. They focus on supporting people who are feeling (or who are at risk of feeling) socially isolated or lonely and they will support anyone aged 18+.

See the film below for an insight into Age UK Islington and it's role in providing Social Prescribing in the borough and wider promotion of wellbeing


In 1801, the civil parishes that form the modern borough had a total population of 65,721. This rose steadily throughout the 19th century, as the district became built up; exceeding 200,000 in the middle of the century. When the railways arrived the rate of population growth increased—reaching nearly 400,000 by the turn of the century; with the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury particularly suffering deprivation, poverty and severe overcrowding. The increase in population peaked before World War I, falling slowly in the aftermath until World War II began an exodus from London towards the new towns under the Abercrombie Plan for London (1944). The decline in population reversed in the 1980s, but it remains below its 1971 level.

According to the 2001 census Islington had a population of 175,797. It was 75% White, including 5% White Irish, 6% Black African, 5% Black Caribbean and 2% Bangladeshi. Thirty-two per cent of the borough's residents were owner–occupiers.

According to the 2011 census, Islington has the highest population density of local authorities in England and Wales—13,875 people per square kilometre.

Islington has the second highest proportion of Irish people in the country, behind London Borough of Brent.

A 2017 study by Trust for London and the New Policy Institute found that a third of Islington residents live in poverty. This is above the London average of 27%. It also found that just 14% of local employees are in jobs which pay below the London Living Wage - which is the 4th lowest figure of any London borough.

The following table shows the ethnic group of respondents in the 2001 and 2011 census in Islington.


Ethnic Group 2001 2011
Number % Number %
White: British 99,784 56.76% 98,322 47.70%
White: Irish 10,057 5.72% 8,140 3.95%
White: Gypsy or Irish Traveller 163 0.08%
White: Other 22,623 12.87% 33,890 16.44%
White: Total 132,464 75.35% 140,515 68.17%
Asian or Asian British: Indian 2,851 1.32% 3,534 2.06%
Asian or Asian British: Pakistani 912 0.52% 951 0.46%
Asian or Asian British: Bangladeshi 4,229 2.41% 4,662 2.26%
Asian or Asian British: Chinese 3,074 1.75% 4,457 2.16%
Asian or Asian British: Other Asian 1,492 0.85% 5,430 2.63%
Asian or Asian British: Total 12,558 7.14% 19,034 9.23%
Black or Black British: African 10,500 5.97% 12,622 6.12%
Black or Black British: Caribbean 8,550 4.86% 7,943 3.85%
Black or Black British: Other Black 1,806 1.03% 5,729 2.78%
Black or Black British: Total 20,856 11.86% 26,294 12.76%
Mixed: White and Black Caribbean 2,329 1.32% 4,236 2.06%
Mixed: White and Black African 1,241 0.71% 1,912 0.93%
Mixed: White and Asian 1,543 0.88% 2,964 1.44%
Mixed: Other Mixed 2,121 1.21% 4,227 2.05%
Mixed: Total 7,234 4.11% 13,339 6.47%
Other: Arab 1,893 0.92%
Other: Any other ethnic group 5,050 2.45%
Other: Total 2,685 1.53% 6,943 3.37%
Black, Asian, and minority ethnic: Total 43,333 24.65% 65,610 31.83%
Total 175,797 100.00% 206,125 100.00%


Map of all the London Boroughs