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Simply Connect is a tech-for-good company that works with commissioners and the voluntary and community sector nationally. They were originally developed within a CVS and now design services to support and promote the power of local communities, and to help people live happier and healthier lives.

Simply Connect originated from a Council for Voluntary Service in Sheffield in 2008, supporting & developing digital solutions with and for charities and have been digitally supporting social prescribing since 2015.

They work across 20 London boroughs, and store community service data on over 25,000 community organisations across London, 100,000 nationally.

Besides supporting SP they also support 50 LA volunteering contracts across the country too, on the same platform - they feel volunteering plays a key role in social prescribing and should form part of any social prescribing strategy.

They (Simply Connect & 20 CVS, VC  London partners) want to make this data available to all SP projects across London, via the Connect Well example here

They support SP across London, Kent & Medway, Essex  and DH  funded project Involve Kent and we work with public health, LA's to develop standard digital platform & frameworks to facilitate SP.