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Hi everyone just having a look around and seeing how easy it would be to talk to other Social Prescribers and Navigators. I am the Social Prescribing Coordinator in The London Borough of Bexley - Clocktower area. This Social Prescribing pilot has been running for just over 2 years and is still continuing and wef Sep 2017 it will be rolled out across all localities in Bexley. My area the Clocktower is overlooked by Mind in Bexley where I am based. Would be good to hear from others to share good practice, ideas and resource info. Looking forward to hearing from you all. I hope this is how it is supposed to work!! Jacqui Wheeler

Great to hear from you Jacqui - this is indeed just how it's supposed to work - there are talk pages for every page to allow discussion related to the topics on those pages. I don't know how many other Social Prescribing service providers are on here yet, but we're doing our best to let them all know about it :-) SamJoseph (talk)