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Hi everyone just having a look around and seeing how easy it would be to talk to other Social Prescribers and Navigators. I am the Social Prescribing Coordinator in The London Borough of Bexley - Clocktower area. This Social Prescribing pilot has been running for just over 2 years and is still continuing and wef Sep 2017 it will be rolled out across all localities in Bexley. My area the Clocktower is overlooked by Mind in Bexley where I am based. Would be good to hear from others to share good practice, ideas and resource info. Looking forward to hearing from you all. I hope this is how it is supposed to work!! Jacqui Wheeler

Great to hear from you Jacqui - this is indeed just how it's supposed to work - there are talk pages for every page to allow discussion related to the topics on those pages. I don't know how many other Social Prescribing service providers are on here yet, but we're doing our best to let them all know about it :-) SamJoseph (talk)

Hello Jacqui and Sam. I am a Gp in East Merton and we are involved in a Social Prescribing pilot which started in January 2017 and will finish in December ( hopefully to continue). This is a great way of communicating and finding out what others are doing. I want to ask about evaluation of your work/pilot. How did you do it ? what was effective? Thanks Mohan Hi Mohan, Good to hear from you. Our pilot started on the 1st April 2015 and we evaluated the first 82 clients. We revisited them 8 months after their initial consultation. So basically all clients up until 30th Nov 2015. When I am in the office tomorrow I will send you the link to the evaluation as I am writing this from my phone. I will also give you further details of how we did it and how the evaluation helped in the forthcoming roll out to the rest of the practices in the Borough of Bexley. Jacqui